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Our December event will be a fundraiser for Typhoon Haiyan Victims in the Philippines. We’ll pass a hat, so plan on coming with a little extra $ to support this worthy cause. Also all proceeds from Writing Without Walls books sold this evening will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross to assist in the relief efforts. Hope you will join us!


Announcing our readers for SPIRITS:

PAUL CORMAN-ROBERTS is a co-founder of the Best Crawl Literary Festival and fiction editor for Full of Crow quarterly. He hopes one day to produce open-mic readings for shape shifters in the Mojave Desert.

TIFFANY HIGGINS the author of “And Aeneas Stares into Her Helmet” (Carolina Wren Press, 2009), chosen by Evie Shockley as winner of the 2008 Carolina Wren Poetry Prize. Her poem, “Medusa on Sansome and Pine,” is read and discussed in Poetry’s Nov. 2013 podcast. Other poems have appeared in The Kenyon Review, Big Bridge, nocturnes, and other journals. She has collaborated with other artists on projects combining poetry with film, art, and music, often in live performance. “Where Is the War,” a short film of her poem of the same name, was selected to screen at the Poetry & Film segment of the Split This Rock Festival. She is currently translating Brazilian poets, and teaches at several colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mills MFA candidate, TASHA KEEBLE writes and teaches English in the East Bay.

L.D.BLUE‘s artful lies have appeared in Bluestem, The Stoneslide Corrective and Hybrid Beast. She has performed recently at Hazel and Red Light Lit and torments undergraduate creative writing students at the San Francisco State University by prohibiting variations on the phrase ‘I like/I don’t like.’ Her unvarnished opinions can be found at lukedaniblue.wordpress.com

JILL TOMASETTI is an east coaster who makes her home by the ocean in San Francisco writing poems and children’s books, and teaching preschool. Her poems have appeared with Metazen and Gorilla Press. She has an MA from San Francisco State.

MELISSA SIPIN is a writer from Carson, California. She won First Place in the 2013 March Glimmer Train Fiction Open and Honorable Mention in the 2013 September Glimmer Train Fiction Open. Her writing is published or forthcoming in Glimmer Train Stories, Kartika Review, and The Bakery, among others. She is the Community Engagement Fellow at Mills College and Tennessee Williams Scholar at the 2013 Sewanee Writers’ Conference. As a VONA/Voices Fellow and U.S. Navy wife, she splits her time writing on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.


“He knew no more, for the Spirit neither spoke nor moved.”
Charles Dickens

This event will take place Thursday, Dec 12, 7 p.m. at

Cafe du Soleil
200 Fillmore St.
San Francisco

Six readers. One musician. One theme.

Books available for purchase, first copy free for our readers.

Yes we are multifarious word manglers, deconstructors and put-her-back-together-ers, hedonists, lovers, inventors, and geniuses -in print. In speak, we are awkward thumb and hair twisters, mismatched and clumsy, full of quiet tensions, hushed obsessions-fascinations-addictions-and- squelched-desires-to take each other to the handicapped bathroom and get it on. And so, we figured what better way to quickly and efficiently disintegrate these boundaries than to combine booze and music and get a reckless abandon of limbs, smiles, and louder-than-necessary schmoozing.

image by Rudolf Getel



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