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Announcing our readers for “A CERTAIN KIND OF MADNESS”:

Sarah Carpenter is a recent SFSU graduate of the Creative Writing and Philosophy departments. She is a Humanities lover, a humanity lover, and while human herself, a lover. She has published work in Sparkle & Blink, and When In Drought: A User’s Manual. She is also a contributing writer for Litseen.com.

 David M. Morini graduated from the MFA Program in Writing at the California College of the Arts and resides in San Francisco.

Alicia Franco is a proud native of northern California. Her first short story was written and illustrated at seven-years-old, and it was critically acclaimed amongst her parents and fellow second grade peers. At age seventeen she began experimenting with poetry, and has continued this love affair ever since. She is currently a graduate student at California College of the Arts, and this is her last semester in the MFA Writing program. When she is not writing poetry she is off having adventures and exploring the unknown. She survives in the Mission District of San Francisco, the mecca of burritos and Chinese cuisine.

Douglas Sterling is an associate member of SFWA, and a member of Codex Writers’ Group. His work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Fiction On The Web, Kzine, The Alarmist, [untitled], Imaginarium, The Story Shack, The Hidden Chapter, The Speculative Edge, The Rusty Nail.

Adam Moskowitz lives in the East Bay, and teaches Character Education through Mindfulness at a KIPP charter school in San Lorenzo, CA.

Anna Avery is from Dallas, Texas and graduated with a BA in writing and literature from Naropa University. Her favorite color is green.

This reading will take place Thursday, March 27, 7:30 p.m. at Cafe du Soleil 200 Fillmore St. San Francisco

Six readers. One musician. One theme. Books available for purchase. Free contributor copy.

Submit your work by midnight Monday, March 10th (well, technically 12:00:01 am Tuesday morning). Previously published work okay. By submitting, you agree to be available to perform your piece on the night, if chosen; also, you agree to let us publish it in a chapbook. All submissions should be something that can be read in 10 minutes or less (typically fewer than 1,250 words). Be sure to send your bio as well.

Yes we are multifarious word manglers, deconstructors and put-her-back-together-ers, hedonists, lovers, inventors, and geniuses -in print. In speak, we are awkward thumb and hair twisters, mismatched and clumsy, full of quiet tensions, hushed obsessions-fascinations-addictions-and- squelched-desires-to take each other to the handicapped bathroom and get it on. And so, we figured what better way to quickly and efficiently disintegrate these boundaries than to combine booze and music and get a reckless abandon of limbs, smiles, and louder-than-necessary schmoozing.

image courtesy o Benandbarnet

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