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Oh, this is going to be a good one. :-)

Announcing our readers and musician!:

MATT LEIBEL writes for fun and profit, and wishes it were more the latter than the former. His writing has appeared in interestingly-named magazine like Juked, Wigleaf, Redivider, Kill Author and Failbetter. Matt publishes ridiculously tiny stories every day on his Facebook account, and if you type in his name on that site, you can follow along.

MARGARET ANN MILLER is a recent graduate of the Mills MFA Fiction program and is currently hard at work on her first novel, The Geography of Half our Lives. She spends most of her days freaking out about PhD applications, abstracts and the GRE. In her few moments of peace, she co-instructs a literature class at Mills and works as a site coordinator for Chapter 510, a nonprofit cultivating youth empowerment by bringing writing tutors into the classrooms.

BOB SCOTT writes and performs poetry, monologues and short stories while also playing in several Bay Area bands. He currently plays with Nina Jo and the Hoboes, and has been a member of Rhythm Kitchen, an award-winning jazz/world music band and the Dave Marz Band, an instrumental group playing original compositions. His recordings include work as an instrumentalist for anti war activist Lee Goland, and The Belvederes, an American/Australian folk quartet. His current favorite wild animal is a cat named Tarzana.

Since CLAIRE WILLIAMS first read Anne of Green Gables at the age of seven she knew she wanted to be a writer. She walked around the world, narrating her life in the third person, a habit, which, it turns out, is difficult to break. Unlike Anne, Claire often makes the same mistake twice, which is how she came to pursue a career in creative writing and performance art. She would like to brew you, whatever you wish, but preferably a storm, or a cup of coffee.

ALEX J. PARTON has lived in Southern California, Seattle, and Brooklyn. He’s currently on the road.

JULIAN FRANCIS PARK tries to write from the tachycardia of white bourgeois consciousness, the place where some day race treason and class suicide might meet. He is getting an MFA in poetry at Mills College, and lives in the San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland. Previously he has inhabited small parts of both Providence, Rhode Island and Vashon Island, Washington.

TIFFANY HIGGINS is author of And Aeneas Stares into Her Helmet (Carolina Wren Press, 2009), selected by Evie Shockley as winner of the Carolina Wren Poetry Prize. Her honors include a residency at Art Farm in Nebraska. Her poems appear in Poetry, The Kenyon Review, Taos Journal of Poetry & Art, and From the Fishouse. She writes on ecocultural poetics and is a translator of the work of contemporary Brazilian poets, including Alex Simões.

CAROLINE KESSLER is a writer, editor, and facilitator currently living in South Berkeley. Her poetry and prose has been published in The Susquehanna Review, Sundog Lit, sparkle&blink, Superstition Review, Anderbo, Treehouse, and elsewhere. Stalk her online at carokess.com.

JESSAMYN LYNN (musician) was named after the author Jessamyn West. She has been singing since age 6 and asked her mom and dad for private voice lessons. Fast forward 20 years or so and she is releasing her first album of original songs, “Home” with the help of producer Raphael Mora and talented musicians Josh and Sean Collins with some other guest artists!

Reading will take place on Thursday, October 23rd at Cafe du Soleil at 200 Fillmore. This is our last reading of 2014 since the fourth Thursday of Nov and Dec are holidays. So come, do come!

Free chapbook for each reader. Additional copies available for $5.00 at the show.

RSVP here.

Doors at 6:30, reading at 7:00.

Yes we are multifarious word manglers, deconstructors and put-her-back-together-ers, hedonists, lovers, inventors, and geniuses -in print. In speak, we are awkward thumb and hair twisters, mismatched and clumsy, full of quiet tensions, hushed obsessions-fascinations-addictions-and- squelched-desires-to take each other to the handicapped bathroom and get it on. And so, we figured what better way to quickly and efficiently disintegrate these boundaries than to combine booze and music and get a reckless abandon of limbs, smiles, and louder-than-necessary schmoozing.

photo by David Ozolin


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