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“THE BEAST WITHIN” our Beast Crawl 2014 reading.

This reading will take place Saturday, July 12, 5pm at Rock, Paper, Scissors (2278 Telegraph ave., Oakland, CA 94612).

Excited to announce our readers and musicians!:

Get ready to get beastly with us! This reading will start right at 5pm.

ABBIE AMADIO is a writer living in Oakland, California. She is originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and is currently searching for full-time work. She received an MFA from Mills College a few months ago.

KYRSTEN BEAN (musician) is an Oakland based singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and professional writer. She contributed (vox, lyrics) to the forthcoming Brainticket album (as of 2014), and also to the latest project by Nicky Garratt of the UK Subs, Hedersleben (vox, lyrics, keys, guitar), on the first album, Upgoer, out as of 2013. Her latest project is a band under her own name, which performs locally and released their first EP on February 14, 2014: No Moral Code.

PETER BULLEN writes short and long fiction, struggles and frets about what’s poignant, what’s penetrating, and what’s just funny. His work has appeared in Sparkle And Blink, and is upcoming in Weave magazine and Blotterature. He will be reading at Barely Published Authors, S.F. Lit Quake in October.

MEGHAN FRANCISCO is a San Francisco writer and tutor originally from upstate New York. She has an MFA from Mills College and two cats named after characters in a Dickens novel.

DAWN OBERG (musician) is a San Francisco-based songwriter. When pressed, she describes her music as indie-piano pop, influenced by jazz and R&B. Song topics include drinking, good love, bad love, plant life, lingerie, cooking and more.

JON SINDELL is a humanities tutor and a writing coach for business professionals. His flash fiction collection, The Roadkill Collection, is scheduled to be released by Big Table Publishing in late 2014. Jon’s short fiction has appeared in over sixty publications. He curates the Rolling Writers reading series in San Francisco.

DEBORAH STEINBERG’s writing has been published in Monkeybicycle, Shelflife, The Café Irreal, Blood and Thunder, and other journals. She is co-editor of the anthology Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream, published by Red Bridge Press, where she is a founding editor. She is also the fiction editor of Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks. Deborah lives in San Francisco, where she facilitates writing workshops with a focus on healing, serves on the board of the literary reading series Bay Area Generations, and sings in the a cappella group Conspiracy of Venus. http://deborahsteinberg.wordpress.com/

Yes we are multifarious word manglers, deconstructors and put-her-back-together-ers, hedonists, lovers, inventors, and geniuses -in print. In speak, we are awkward thumb and hair twisters, mismatched and clumsy, full of quiet tensions, hushed obsessions-fascinations-addictions-and- squelched-desires-to take each other to the handicapped bathroom and get it on. And so, we figured what better way to quickly and efficiently disintegrate these boundaries than to combine booze and music and get a reckless abandon of limbs, smiles, and louder-than-necessary schmoozing.

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