Writing w/o Walls
An SF Bay Area Reading Series
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Prepare to get hot under the collar…

Writing without Walls presents “Naked”

One night only at

Subterranean Arthouse
2179 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA

Sunday, April 29
Doors open at 7:00pm
Show begins at 8:00pm

$5.00 suggested donation


our readers:

 Zarina Zabrisky – “The Fall of Man”
Amelia Whitcomb – “Three Little Pigs”
Ariel Fintushel – “If My Body Was a Tree” and “When Fooling Around is Over”


 Juliana Paslay – “Body Image”
Anhvu Buchanan – “In Your Absence…,” “Confessions,” “Campfires,” “Love Letter to Paul Rudd,” and “Love Letter for Jeremy Lin.”
Tantra Bensko – “Instructions” and “Drum Naked”

<more music!>

our musician:

 Annah Anti-Palindrome

Yes we are multifarious word manglers, deconstructors and put-her-back-together-ers, hedonists, lovers, inventors, and geniuses -in print. In speak, we are awkward thumb and hair twisters, mismatched and clumsy, full of quiet tensions, hushed obsessions-fascinations-addictions-and- squelched-desires-to take each other to the handicapped bathroom and get it on. And so, we figured what better way to quickly and efficiently disintegrate these boundaries than to combine booze and music and get a reckless abandon of limbs, smiles, and louder-than-necessary schmoozing.

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